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V V 1 in Houston was incorporated Jan 19, 1967.
This marketing piece provides an historical look at the original vision.

50+ years later,  amenities and even some floor plans have changed.

The 1960’s brochure is consider marketing material and is not a Governing document or Dedicatory Instruction of the Association.
The brochure is attached for historical information only, and is not an enforceable or binding document upon the Association or owners.

Thanks to  V V1 owner Cass Jones for preserving and providing this piece of history.
Scanning, cleaning and retouching by VV1 owner Jay Garcia.

© Victorian Village Townhouse Corporation

Slides change every 10 seconds unless you keep your mouse over the image.     Use the <left  and > right arrows to move back and forth.     Original floor plans featured at the end.

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