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Association Documents

Victorian Village Townhouse Corporation (VV1) is governed by a Homeowners Association Board that meets the 4th Tuesday of each month with our Annual Meeting & elections hosted on the 4th Tuesday in April at the Clubhouse.  All residents are invited to attend.  Owners are encouraged to participate and vote at the Annual Meeting held the 4th Tuesday in April.  The Board of Directors consists of 9 elected or appointed owner volunteers as well as representatives of Genesis Community Management Inc.  


The following documents are the governing rules we abide by and work to enforce:

  1. Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R)

  2. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

  3. Rules & Regulations for Owners & Renters (recorded in 1993)

  4. Rules and Resolutions by Members (At Annual Meetings) 

  5. Rules and Resolutions by the Board of Directors

If a conflict occurs between the sources, the above is the order of priority. 

Revisions and current rules, policies and guidelines can be found at VV1 Living.

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