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Monthly HOA Assessments and Collection of Payments are managed by Genesis. Your monthly HOA invoice includes your Maintenance Fee, Community Service Fee, amortized share of Common Area Hazard Insurance and the water submeter billing based on the actual usage for your unit. For more information, see the VV1 Assessment Collection Policy.


Monthly payments can be made via:


  • Automatic bank draft or credit card charge; or

  • Check, cashier’s check or money order mailed to the address below. To ensure timely posting of your mailed payment, please include the account number(s) and payment coupon(s) and ensure that the homeowner’s last name and property address are written on the check.

Victorian Village Townhouse Corporation

P.O. Box 98074 Phoenix, AZ 85038-8074

Paperless Billing We ask our Owners to enroll in Paperless Billing to help us keep printing and postage costs down.

This is easily down in a few clicks on the Genesis website.

This Paperless Billing sign-up guide will show you how.

Water Billing Except for the garden spigot in front of your home, all water used in your unit is billed monthly. Keeping track of your water use is up to you.  You should keep track of your water meter and water use. On the bottom right-hand corner of your monthly HOA invoice is your Utility Information. Here is an example:                                                               

Previous Reading : 315,620

Reading  11/15/21: 320,300

                        Usage:      4,680

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