Natural Gas:  Natural Gas is provided by CenterPoint Energy.  Your home heating and possibly kitchen range, hot water heater, & dryer may use natural gas.  The main shutoff for the gas is by your gas meter & main power box in your patio area. 


Electricity:  Electricity is supplied to your home by another division of CenterPoint Energy.  CenterPoint delivers the power to you, however, you may shop electric providers for the best rates.  One place to shop is with the Texas Public Utility Commission site: PowertoChoose.org.  "Smart" meters are located at the end of your building; breaker boxes & main power boxes are located on your patio, close to the gas meter. 

Telephone Service:  Your townhome is hardwired with good old fashioned SW Bell phone wiring. 

Phone | Internet | Cable TV:  There are many providers in this area that can provide a variety of services for internet, phone, & cable TV.  Please check with the Architectural Information or Genesis Community Management Inc. for compliance with cables on the exterior of your building BEFORE installation.

Satellite Dishes:  VV1 has specific rules about satellite dish installations.  Please familiarize yourself with these rules BEFORE you order dish service for your home.  If the satellite dish is improperly installed, it is the responsibility of the resident to have the satellite re-positioned and remedy any damages to the building.